UI/UX Design   |    Website Design

During my time working at Goodwill Industries, I worked on UI/UX projects for GCFLearnfree.org, an educational technology website that covered a broad range of topics including career development, new technology trends, and essential skills to live and work in the 21st century.


I collaborated with stakeholders to design and develop user interfaces to aid the learning experience for users visiting the website. I worked on UI/UX projects related to the company informational pages, learning topics menus, assessment interface designs, and the learner account dashboard that users see with when they log into the website to keep track of certificates and coursework progress. Throughout my journey designing for the e-learning website product, I was challenged to think about the cause and effect behind each micro-interaction that the user experienced when navigating through the website, all while striving to produce the most intuitive user experience for learners of all ages.

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