GCF Corporate Website Design & Development

Website Design/ CMS/ Photography/ Content Creation/ Website Management & Development

I managed, designed and developed a new corporate website for Goodwill of Eastern North Carolina, known at the time as GCFGlobal (now rebranded as GIENC). The main goal was to launch a new website design that effectively narrated the story and mission statement behind GIENC, which is to help provide employment, education, and life-enrichment opportunities throughout 51 counties in Eastern North Carolina.

I re-designed the website so it provided a more user-intuitive way for visitors to access information pertaining to store locations, how to donate items, and an opportunity to learn about volunteer opportunities at GIENC. There was a need for a friendly user interface and content management system so administrative staff could access the jobs section of the website to update new employment opportunities as well.

The website needed to have a voice when it came to representing Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC, and I went on to achieve that need through engaging photography, writing, and visual content that provided an outlet to tell Goodwill's story. I researched options for content management systems and went with an appropriate choice to suite the company's needs and collaborated with developers when it came to issues pertaining to the maintenance of the website. I worked on updates and new content creation in collaboration with marketing, development, and administrative staff. I also assisted with writing and copy editing for the website pages, as well as providing illustration and photography content for the website.

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