Curriculum Development   |   User Interface (UI) Design

I helped design and develop a new tutorial that offered basic Spanish skills to global learners. The goal was to provide learning material for learners who were new to the Spanish language and were looking for a quick series of tutorials that covered basic word, phrases, manners, and etiquette. The lesson series also needed to give basic language guidance for how to get around in a Spanish-speaking environment. We wanted the tutorials to be engaging and informative, while still keeping up to brand standards when it came to a clean interface design that guided learners through each lesson. We decided to incorporate illustrations into the tutorial pages, with the addition of illustrated .gifs added into the mix to incorporate motion and humor to the lessons. We also wanted to provide audio examples of how Spanish words should be pronounced correctly, so we incorporated audio buttons. In addition, we made sure to include assessment quizzes throughout the lessons so learners could practice what they learned throughout each lesson.

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