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I like to approach design from a perspective that focuses on translating content into engaging and intuitive designs that solve complex issues and speak to targeted audiences. I feel it's important to develop an empathy for the audiences you design for in order to understand what they need and why they need it.

I am a dedicated and resourceful designer with experience in digital design, user interface design, branding implementation, print design, content creation, and creative problem-solving.


I have experience designing content for businesses in the e-learning,

e-commerce, hospitality, wellness and health, horticulture, nonprofit, automotive, and educational industries. I have had the privilege of working and collaborating with a large range of clients from various industries and teams in the fields of marketing, design, and development.

I am currently freelancing full-time and am available for commissioned design projects. Feel free to reach out to me through email- I look forward to hearing from you.